Now Available in store the amazing SRIXON custom fit cart

Book your fitting now cost £25 but fully refunded when you make an order over £200..!!!!!

This fitting solution give me the ability to totally fit you for driver through to your wedges and everything in between…!!!!

Have you ever wondered if the clubs you play with are actually the best for you?

If so then why not find out!!!!!

I have over 30 years experience in providing the right clubs to my members & non members, so they can maximize their game and ultimately do what we all want to do “enjoy playing golf”

All you need to do is book a 1/2 hour session so I can evaluate the suitability of your clubs.  In this session we can discuss strengths, weakness’s and ultimately your golfing goals.

Equipment Evaluation – 

I will evaluate your current equipment for –

  • Lie Angle
  • Iron & Wood Lofts
  • Shaft Length
  • Shaft Type/Weight
  • Shaft Flex
  • Grip Type/Size
  • Head Design
  • Club Make Up (What you carry in your bag)

lie anglelie angle 1



2016 Valentine Event




Now I know what you need we can move forward in obtaining the right specification equipment.

A lot of the adjustments that might be needed can be done here at the fraction of the cost of replacing your own equipment.

Typical Costs – 

  • Set up a set of irons for loft & lie £25
  • Shaft length adjustment – LONGER £3.50 per club – SHORTER free (all you pay for is a new grip of your choice)
  • Re Shaft Starts from £15 per club (steel) £25 per club (graphite)
  • Grip prices start from £3 (I stock Lamkin & Golf Pride Grips)

Putter Custom Fitting –

One of the biggest advance in customisation over the past few years is the PUTTER, both in getting the correct length and a huge variety of grip sizes are now available.

grips putter


I offer a FREE fitting service!!

You can simply pop into scottygolf @ Ramsey Golf Club where i can (WHILE YOU WAIT) fit your new Putter Grip.

Or alternatively send the putter to me, I will fit the new grip of your choice and return the putter to you the day after I receive it  at a cost of £2.99 P+P.